Education loan

Worried about how to finance your education? There are many scholarships/financial aid, and loans available for deserving candidates to fulfil their dream of studying in top schools abroad.

Think you fit the bill? Work with ABE Experts to brainstorm on an effective strategy to ensure that your application is considered for scholarship.


  1. Personalized 20 Minute Strategy Session with Top Counselors.
  2. Strength and Impact Area Identification
  3. Multiple Edits on the Letter
  4. Focused Effort on Procuring Scholarship Funds

Please Note: Your personalized 20-minutes session will be on Skype and can be taken from any location worldwide. All editing is done online; you will not be required to travel/visit our offices and can avail of this service from any location worldwide.


  • Complete your Financial Aid form
  • Upload it on to our online platform
  • Discuss the content with the ABE  Expert via Skype
  • Upload your first draft to our online platform
  • View our Expert’s feedback on our platform
  • Upload revised drafts for feedback
  • Submit a winning Financial Aid Essay!


100%of our experts have degrees
from top ranked global colleges

99%admit rate for students
who availed of our 5 school package

0%commissions or referral fees
taken from any college

100%virtual presence helping
students across the globe

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